Out-compete native writers & book higher-paying jobs in English

Join a select team of content/copywriters and freelancers who have made quantum leaps in writing authority, leading to higher incomes and thriving freelance businesses.

The results of increased authority for multilingual writers:

If you are here, it's likely you've been rejected for writing jobs or lost clients because English isn't your first language. Companies choose native writers because they think it guarantees higher quality texts. Not true!

Hundreds of thousands of multilingual writers are writing for top publications, working in dream roles, or running successful freelance writing businesses. The difference is, they've built their language level and business skills to a point where no one can deny them. Build your authority and better opportunities will come. Here are the results you can expect from this precision-designed course:


Result 1: Decrease worry about English accuracy and making costly errors.

Ensure your submissions aren't rejected because of your language background.

Result 2: Massively increase confidence in your English editing skills.

Become a key player in your team and secure managerial or editorial roles.

Result 3: Develop new business and marketing skills to improve your product offering.

Get your writing business off the ground and start booking high-paying clients.

what our graduates are saying

Vlad Adrian Iancu - ghostwriter

"I gained a lot more confidence in my writing, I know how to address any grammar issues, and I feel more at home when talking/writing to or for a native English speaker."

Cristina Rojas Colloridi - SEO Writer

"I recommend working with Phil if you're starting your writing career or you think you've reached your ceiling—he'll help you break through and make improvements you never expected."

Muayyad karadsheh - science writer

"After I completed the course, my sentence structure, and creative writing skills improved a lot. Phil is very knowledgeable, helpful, and provides a lot of feedback on your work."

Transform your writing course overview:

UNIT 1: Strengthen your accuracy

Session 1: Build a richer vocabulary to gain niche expertise

Session 2: Optimise sentence structure + deliver high readability

Session 3: Use punctuation for seamless flow

UNIT 2: Reverse engineer top texts
Session 4: Apply the perfect writing structure to guide readers

Session 5: Improve relationships with the right language formality

Session 6: Hone your unique writing style and voice

UNIT 3: Break through with new skills

Session 7: Generate saleable ideas + plan to perfection

Session 8: Write faster to save time and deliver more value

Session 9: Master the art of editing to prove expertise

Session 10: Learn how to reach your career goals and earn more

Only 8 seats available!

warning: This is not a quick fix!

There are no hacks, secrets or shortcuts to joining the ranks of the top 3% writers.

This method is based on working with hundreds of clients with similar problems to yours - imperfect grammar, a lack of high-level vocab, unnatural style and a lack of writing-business acumen.

Over the course of 10 weeks, you'll discover how to scale the value of your writing to new heights. This approach will help you build the authority you need to get promoted, charge more, or find new clients.

You will receive personalised written feedback on the writing you actually submit for your job/clients. This is the fastest and most reliable way to improve. Plus, the course even includes video lessons on how to build a personal brand and get your writing business off the ground.

How we build writing authority


Step 1: Build accuracy

Make your work in English accurate, stylish and effective.


Step 2: Learn from the best

Analyse examples in your field and produce similar work


Step 3: Add skills & tools

Grow new skills which add massive value to your services

working together to reach your goals

Study online when you want

Weekly assignment + feedback

weekly coaching call

1 hour self study + 1 live coaching session per week

Masterclass videos and resources library

Weekly feedback on your submissions

Dedicated cohort community forum

Unlimited personal support

Small group sizes

Exclusive bonus materials

  • business skills video pack to help you launch your writing business

  • 30-minute private call with phil to set new goals & strategise

  • 3 months free access to the multilingual Writers' community

  • 2 cheat-sheet PDFs and A comprehensive writing tips eBook

  • professional profile review and recommendation

  • access to email communication mini course

  • BONus masterclasses & webinar library

  • Lifetime access to course

All this has a value of over $480!

Igniting Imagination through Writing together


completion rate


graduate nationalities


video content


articles and resources

what our graduates are saying

Bruna Beatriz Gabriel - Game localizer

"Having the chance to hear other writers talk about their struggles changed how I think about writing... I'll continue to apply the invaluable suggestions and strategies to future works."

Aadnan Elkacimi - copywriter

"Philip is great at directing you, as a multilingual writer, with insightful feedback that enhances your writing and equips you with the right knowledge to excel in your future endeavors."

Mariana Rickman - medical writer

"Phil's comments helped to improve each piece with spot-on suggestions. I'd recommend Phil's course to any EFL writer who wants to delve deeper into what good writing should look like."

Typical results after finishing the course:

Gaining the confidence to publish on sites like Medium, Substack, & LinkedIn

Increasing writing speed, allowing you to write 1-2,000 words per hour

Receiving positive feedback from readers, editors and managers

Increasing engagement and inbound inquiries on social media

Building trusted partnerships with writers in a similar field

Achieving clarity on what kinds of writing services to offer

Reducing grammar and language errors by more than 50%

Gaining the ability to edit and proofread your own work

Signing new clients or getting accepted for a new role

Learning and applying 150+ new words and phrases

On the course, we set short- medium- and long-term goals.

When we finish, we set new goals to keep working towards.

any questions?

If you'd like to chat, I'll be happy to fill in all the details so you can make the most of the experience.

helping multilingual writers find better opportunities and earn more

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